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so well in ohio. it's a choice. either government should sit by and let the market do its thing or govern comes in and prevents catastrophe. it's the kind of choice we face. >> if you want trust, what obama is talking about on the trail. first of all, there's no second term agenda. when he goes off the record, he gives out an agenda that's nothing like what he's been talking about on the trail. >> it's not true at all. >> immigration. he's talked immigration reform which he's not talked about much in public. cutting $2.50 for every tax dollar in revenue. it's not what he's been running. >> if you want to talk about being factually accurate, it's factually inaccurate to say governor romney was against the rescue of the auto industry. if you read his op-ed, you are journalist, you believe words are important. what he says is he believes the government should have provided financial guarantees. the difference between governor romney and president obama is who gets to stand first in line to get paid off. >> money in the market that was going to go into the auto industry. >> that's w
there's an organized progressive and centrist movement in ohio because of the kind of governance that kasich was bragging about there. there's another side that i think is going to affect organize's organizing capacity. that's why i think ohio is leaning more blue than it otherwise might be. >> ohio is prospering in part because of what kasich did. it seems that obama has a leg up in part because of fracking. if some of the environmental groups had been able to shut down cracking, ohio, boem could win because of fracking and all the jobs that's creating. second thing, the core issue of this campaign, we've got a need for tremendous government reform. we've got governments that are helping create a sclerotic economy, and what kasich has done, what mitch daniels has done, indian some of those reform governors have done the sort of reforms that strip away the sclerosis. and i'm surprised that mitt romney isn't running on that sort of broad -- i'm not radical. look at what mitch daniels has done, i want to do it for the federal government. >> it's amazing he's not running on a change
for most private schools right now. the federal government also cled. all nonessential employees should stay at home. most major local governments also closed in maryland and virginia along with the d.c. government, and metro shut down all rail services, all bus services for the first time since 2003. marc, vre also closed today. and amtrak says its northeast corridor is shut down. a complete list for you at the bottom of your screen and at >> let's che in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein right now. as you take a look outside at reagan national airport, almost all of the flights here at the local airports at reagan national, dulles, and bwi are cancelled. be sure to check your airline as you head out the door. >> breedsy and light rain already falling and getting heavier across parts of our immediate area right now. some of the places that are more to the east are being hit particularly hard already at this hour. now we've got storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein to break it down. >> you can see the extent of this storm. it's huge. it's about 1,000 miles
surprising. the d.c. government is closed. federal government is closed. also, the school system closed hered too. should also mention that metro is closed. that's going to have a big impact on a lot of people here today. we were out and about early this morning. we saw one of the last metro buses completing its rounds, heading back to the depot this morning. that's where the bus and others will stay until this storm is over. no metro bus service or rail service either. we caught up with a man going to reagan national this morning, needed to take metro to get there in order to catch his flight to do that because of the closure. he actually had to leave last night for a flight that doesn't leave until this morning. >> found out that the metro was going to be down all of monday. i said, you know what, i've got to go back to the airport. i came back, i guess, around 10:00. i've been here since 10:00. >> reporter: right now we are seeing light rain in the area. we are expecting heavy, heavy rainfall in the coming hours. it's going to last a long time. this is a slow moving storm. we are expecting
minutes ago the federal government decided to close tomorrow. joining most school districts and county governments in our area. we have team coverage of the storm tonight across the metro area and along the shoreline, too. we begin with storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer with new information about sandy's track and the time line for potentially dangerous conditions here. doug? >> i think we're finally starting to understand just how big this storm is going to be and just how devastating it could potentially be. we've been talking about it for over a week now, making its way very close to our region. you can see where it is right now, and this is the interesting thing here. it is still moving out to sea, northeast right now at about 15 miles per hour, but you can see where the rain is lining up, and we are starting to see rain now across our region. we've also started to see -- rather tropical storm-force gusts of 30 to 40 miles an hour in parts of the area. again, tropical storm-force winds of 39 miles an hour or higher and we've seen those down toward the shore. now, curre
. >>> a lot of you heading back to work and school today. the federal government and local jurisdictions will be open this morning as well as most schools in our area. however, in virginia manassas park schools are closed and two-hour delays in fauquier, frederick, and shenandoah counties. buses will use snow emergency routes in shenandoah. loudoun county has a one-hour delay. frederick county schools in maryland are on a two-hour delay. and in west virginia, pendleton county schools are closed, and berkeley, hampshire, and jefferson county schools are on a two-hour delays. several schools in virginia county and maryland as well as in the district that still don't have power. we expect an announcement from most of those school systems within the hour about whether the schools will be able to open today. >> let's take a live look at 5:02. just 43 degrees out there. a cold start to the morning. the rain has moved out. and we'll look at what the forecast looks like now. meteorologist tom kierein joins us this morning. >>> good news for the cleanup to continue, although we have a few sprinkl
this morning as sandy moves closer. that includes the federal government. all nonessential employees should stay home today. >> most local governments are closed in maryland, virginia, and the district. metro train and bus service is shut down for the first time since 2003. marc and vre also closed. >> amtrak service in the northeast corridor not happening today either. most students in our area also, obviously, getting the day off of school. all major public school systems in d.c., maryland, and virginia are closed this morning along with most private schools in the area. >> and you can find a complete list of school and business closings scrolling on the bottom of your screen. and live on >> good morning. sandy's first heavy rains are now coming into our region. they've had heavy downpours all night right along the atlantic seaboard and the eastern sho. they have wind gusts from 40 to 45 miles an hour now. the heaviest rains are now getting closer to washington. in fact, the areas you see here they are getting some moderate rain now in the yellow zone. here is the inten
president obama is expected to meet with top aides and lawmakers to monitor the government's response to the storm. afterwards homeland security and fema directors will visit storm damaged communities. meantime the storm is now blamed for 109 deaths in the u.s. as people continue to clean up mayor bloomberg canceled tomorrow's new york city marathon. people were outraged this week when bloomberg said the race would boost the economy and inspire the city to move on after the storm. now, though, the race that brings 40,000 runners to the street is off. much of the marathon would have gone through some of the hardest hit areas and the race would have closed roads and bridges at a time when transportation is already difficult. >> relief could be on the way for the gas shortage. the obama administration has ordered the purchase of as much as 22 million gallons of fuel and diesel for the areas hardest hit by sandy. people in new york and new jersey are having major problems getting gas. many stations are closed because of damage or lack of power leading to long lines that stretch for miles
complaints that it's not low enough. >>> a d.c. official defends his use of a government phone to call an adult chat line. >> i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> that's why you're crying? >> and proof that a long >>> still dark and cold tonight after sandy knocked out power. for one town in new jersey nearly everyone has been without electricity for four days now. jim rosenfield is in essex falls with a look at the help that's arrived from our area. jim? >> hey, jim, this gives you an idea of what some of these power company crews are up against. this is one tree that fell across a road. so it knocked out power to this neighborhood. we've been out here all day. we do have progress to report. the utility company that was here, the crews that are here, they're up in the buckets, they've moved on because they finished their work here and they're moving to other parts of this community. but still, no power here yet. 90% of the 2,200 people who live in this borough still do not have power, and they're waiting. >> it's 21 degrees outside. we're freezing. we have no heat. anything.
government is closed today for all nonessential personnel. metro rail and bus service is also suspended until this afternoon. then metro will reassess the situation. marc, vre, and amtrak service along the northeast corridor all suspended today as well. and flights out of dulles, reagan national, are cancelled until further notice. >> lots of schools closed this morning in virginia, alexandria, arlington, fairfax, falls church city, and loudoun county schools are closed. also manassas city, manassas park, stafford city and spotsylvania schools as well. in maryland, prince george's county, montgomery, and howard county schools are closed. >> as are anne arundel, charles, and frederick counties. you can find a complete list of schools running at the bottom of your screen as well as online at >> all of this because of the weather that rolled through yesterday. tom kierein keeping an eye on developments. what are we seeing now? >>> thankfully, the storm is winding down for us. we still have moderate showers coming tregion, and it is snowing now. garrett county, western maryland
governments? >> i think what you saw in the debates that was governor romney and president obama both understand the american people are sick and tired of these wars. they are sorry they ever heard of the place called the middle east. they just want out. and so the question is how do you, to the degree you can, shape the environment after you get out? and i think that's what all of this talk about 2014 in afghanistan is, to focus the minds of afghan leaders. we are not going to be around. and i actually think iraq has gone better than i expected. so, who knows. afghanistan might too. i'm actually though in the long run, more pessimistic about afghanistan than i am about iraq. >> start by why do you think iraq has gone better than expected and then michael will talk about where you think there's gaps in this path's approach to t. >> i thought that iraq would unravel after the americans left. in fact, aid series on my blog called "iraq, the unraveling." it hasn't. rather it has sort of come to a stalemate it is not falling apart but not making any political progress it is just sort of s
. >> at home, the federal government will reopen tomorrow with the option of unscheduled leave and work. most of the major school districts in our area in maryland and virginia will also reopen tomorrow. no word yet from the d.c. public schools. >> almost 150,000 people in our area are still without power because of the storm. fewer than 10,000 of those are pepco customers. pepco credits out of state communications for what it calls a relatively small number of outages. >> the main reason for the power outages are trees that came down. there is a bunch of northern virginia. pat collins is in arlington where people are cleaning up and trying to deal with the lack of power. >> reporter: sandy has left a number of people in northern virginia with the great sense of powerlessness. chesterbrook and north lead. a tree into a home here. this is what it looks like when you drive by. wait until you look inside. that tree came through the roof. through the insulation, through the rafters and all of this fell on a senior citizen who was asleep in bed. no, not that beverly hills. this beverly hills. beve
to rescue. >> reporter: now u it's important to know that the prince county george's government will be opening, including the court biddings, this is one of them right here behind me. if you're coming down and have business to conduct here, make sure u you allow yourself some extra time to navigate these closed roads. reporting live, darcy spencer, news for. >> some ckayakers had to be pulled to safety. paramedics treated the kayak at the scene. >> tonight, hundreds of thousands of people are still in the dark as temperatures continue to fall. the brunt of the power outages are in northern virginia. dominion reported more than 45,000 people without power. pepco restored 90 percent of its customers. pg&e has more than 2500 outages in montgomery and prince george's counties. >> reporter: dominion power says 75% of their customers afekted have been restored. but there are still thousands of homes and businesses in northern virginia that are without power and this, right here, is the reason why these downed power lines is going to take another day or two before everyone is back onl
to meet with top aides and lawmakers to monitor the government's response to the storm. the storm is now blamed for 109 deaths in the u.s. crews and first responders from our area have been sent to some of the worst hit areas while 2.5 million people are still without power. more than half are in new jersey. >>> as the death toll rises and people continue to clean up new york mayor michael bloomberg has decided to cancel tomorrow's new york city marathon. people were outraged this week when bloomberg said the race would be a boost for the economy and inspire the city to move on after the storm. now though the race that brings 40,000 runners through some of the most damaged parts of the city is off. the race would have closed roads and bridges at a time when transportation is already difficult. countless drivers meanwhile have had to sit in long lines just to fill up their gas tanks. new jersey's governor chris christie has ordered gas rationing based on your license plate number. meantime, the obama administration has ordered the purchase of as much as 22 million gallons of fuel and dies
of government not here. so it's not a lot of people working. a lot of people hunkering down. >> people are heeding the warnings that we've heard from the mayor. both governors and federal officials as well. we want to get the latest from a neighborhood that knows a thing or two about it, bloomingdale in northwest washington. no flooding yet but folks there, would you say they're ready, megan? >> reporter: i would say they're ready. they've had a lot of experience with flooding in the past with just normal stone storms. they know the drill. the public work crews have been taking a look at the early, looking at it so the drains can drain. it seems a lot of people have taken the advice, have stayed down, hunkered down at home. we're seeing very light traffic. a lot of folks are still stocking up. all morning long, we've been seeing people heading out with shopping bags. they had sandbags across the door, they were not open. about an hour or so ago, the owner did come, remove the sandbag, and they opened for business. a lot of folks flat to see them open. i see you've got cereal and what e
by telling you the federal government will be open tomorrow. things are starting to get back to normal in these parts. let's get a look at the latest power numbers as we speak. the worst is sll in northern virginia. more than 72,000 dominion customers currently without power. and another 10,000 novak customers powerless. fewer than 10,000 pepco customers are now without power. that's the good news. 54,000 bg & e customers in our area out of luck. most in anne arundel county. and making a lot of progress, now fewer than 1,000 customers are affected as we speak. now the rails. metro has resumed schedule. trains and buses are running. they will operate on a normal weekday schedule starting tomorrow. now for the airlines. also starting to resume flights. delta and air tran have started flying in and out of national airport. air traffic is starting to come back at bwi and dulles. as for the schools. montgomery county, prince george's county, fairfax county, open tomorrow. d.c. public planning to have all schools ready to go but they are still inspecting buildings for leaks and flood damage.
borough, and accused government and aid officials of neglecting the island in favor of wealthier areas like manhattan and the new jersey shore. >> something has to be done immediately. not 14 days from now, today. >> reporter: and today there was homeland security secretary janet napolitano overseeing the aid effort herself. >> folks are going to be going door to door in these communities, making sure that nobody is left out. >> reporter: you're, i'm sure, very well aware how angry people were aware in this area, saying the government just took too long to respond. some even calling your visit political. what do you say to all those people here? >> well, i think we're here, and we're here in force. >> reporter: there was one sign that normal life was returning here. the famous staten island ferry resumed service. for many here on staten island, normal life is still a long way off. families are overwhelmed by the loss of relatives and neighbors as help has only just begun to reach the shattered communities of this storm. but if there is any hope of staten island bouncing back soon, it c
government, no bureaucracy, no red tape. >> reporter: mitt romney, who had suspended campaigning for the day, travelled to the battle state of ohio to encourage donations to the red cross. >> i had a chance to speak with some of the governors in the affected areas, they talked about people having hard times. i appreciate the fact that people in dayton got up this morning, some went to the grocery store i see, and purchased some things that these families will need. >> reporter: and with presidential politics hanging in the balance. one of mr. romney's top supporters, chris christie had nothing but praise for the federal government. >> the president has been outstanding in this, so the folks at fema have been excellent. >> reporter: later christie made it clear he isn't concerned about the storm waes effect on election day. >> i don't care about election day. it doesn't matter a lick to me. it's not my problem, i'm not dealing with it at the moment. >> reporter: local officials in his state and others are worried. in new york's nassau county, loss of power may force votes to be counted by han
the federal government. he and new jersey governor chris christie toured some of the devastation sandy left behind. the president says his administration will not forget about the storm's victims. >> we're going to have a lot of work to do. i don't want anybody to feel that somehow this is all going to get cleaned up overnight. we want to make sure that people have realistic expectations. but what i can promise you is that the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials, and we will not quit until this is done. >> right now, fema has more than 2,000 workers on the ground in new jersey to help storm victims. >>> this morning we're getting a better perspective on how dangerous conditions were when sandy hit. take a look at some pretty dramatic video we got from the greenwich, connecticut, fire department. you can see three homes completely engulfed in flames in these pictures. firefighters say the wind, really strong winds kept them from battling that blaze monday night. first responders evacuated people inside their homes. nobody got hurt. >>>
to affect 60 million of us. from mandatory evacuations to government and school closures, we have got it covered. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. hurricane sandy expect mund day night. unleashing a storm surge, damaging winds and heavy rain more. than a million from dem ware, new york, and connecticut are under evacuation orders at this hour, mandatory evacuation orders, people appear to be heeding the warning boarding up and heading out. federal offices will be closed tomorrow. the same goes for every major school district in the area. metro canceled all service for the first time since 2003. >> the huge storm has done a lot of damage. the death toll now stands at 65 after sandy pounded the caribbean. tonight team coverage. start with chief meteorologist, with a closer look at sandy's path. doug? >> we are starting to get into what sandy is bringing us, winds. rains, look outside. probably hear the rain coming down. the wind. strongest, about, 12 to 24 hours away. the rain has begun. let's take a look and show you. outside right now. the rain coming through parts
government closed again today for all nonessential personnel and closed to the public obviously. metro rail and bus service also suspended until this afternoon. metro plans to reassess the situation this morning. marc, vre, and amtrak service along the northeast corridor suspended today as well. and flights out of dulles and reagan national airports cancelled until further notice. >>> and lots the students enjoying another day off. most major public school systems in d.c., maryland, and virginia are closed this morning. a complete list of closures running at the bottom of your screen. i know a lot of parents are saying, okay, when can we get the kids back to school? we haven't even had a snowflake yet. >> the kids are probably thinking the same thing. oh, mom, i've got to deal with you again. tom kierein with the forecast. >>> still dealing with the lingering effects of sandy. many creeks and streams are out of their banks. watch on the rural roads, if you come up on high water, do not attempt to drive through it. all as a result of the big rains that have thankfully diminished from sandy.
be nice to have a little help. have you heard any response from the government, from fema, from anybody? >> nobody's come to my door. hey, fema, come on down, knock on my door. >> reporter: at nighttime, 11th street has a different feel. it's a little eerie being in the blackout zone, especially when you look at the sky. we're in the section of the city has no power. but there's so much light in the part of the city that does have power, it reflects up into the sky and there's more light in the sky than there is on the street. so this is what it's like? >> this is what it's like. >> reporter: melissa is a nanny who lives in a sixth-floor walk-up. she spends her nights curled up with a book and her dog. >> reporter: do you feel safe? >> extremely safe. my neighbors who i barely spoke to before this happened, we all have an open-door policy now. >> reporter: a relative newcomer to new york, she didn't love this city until the storm came. >> my neighbors have been wonderful. and we've barely even met before. it's just like, it's true, in times of crisis, people come together. so it's been
be in the hands of the government that could potentially deport them. however, immigration services has said that unless these individuals pose a tletd to national security or have ai criminal history, their information will not be used against them. and while people like daniel will emerge from the shadows and finally be seen he still won't be heard. >> not a path to citizenship. >> exactly. or residency. it's not. >> reporter: this is just -- >> a temporary fix until congress gets its act together and can actually fix the broken immigration system. >> erika gonzalez, news4. >> tomorrow california lottery officials will reveal the name of a woman who nearly lost a $23 million jackpot. the woman bought the winning ticket for her mother back in may. according to "the los angeles times," she both forgot about the ticket until lottery officials published this photo and the daughter saw herself in the paper this week. the ticket was in her glove compartment the whole time. jackpot was set to expire in three weeks, at which point all 23 million would have gone to the california school system. oh,
still in crisis. they are saying we've been crying out for some aid from the federal government to rebuild the berms and it just hasn't happened and the berms gave way monday night and the water cascaded right down this street called beachway and went for about a mile. the water started to receipt since this afternoon, but you can still see it stands on starts of the street and left behind is just dirt, mud, sea grass and other debris. this is a popular summer destination. people come here to have fun. this is the iconic kingsburg board walk, as they call it. it's been in a family for three generations. it's about 100 years old. it's devastated. the mayor here said, we need help. he took us on a tour today. we drove around to see other parts of this community. and we saw the water standing in the streets and then we saw some of the homes right near the beach. some of them, wendy and jim, lifted off of their foundations and floated for a time. other homes stayed in place but they are battered inside. i spoke with one homeowner and the owner of the board walk amusement park. >> it
of sandy. federal government closed again today for all nonessential personnel. metro rail and bus service suspended at least until sometime this afternoon. metro will reassess the situation this morning. most schools in our area also closed this morning as well. a complete list at the bottom of your screen right now and online. >>> let's take a live look outside at 6:00 a.m. you can see it's still raining. winds have died down. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein says sandy is not quite done with us just yet. people are going to be dlaening up from the damage left behind. debris all over the roads, downed trees, and significant power outages throughout the region. >> and the potential for flooding yet to come because all the water that is still coming down has to run into rivers and such. and then we could still see areas of flooding. tom kierein is here with a look the aconditions now. tom? >> last picture, wasn't that beautiful? the rain was coming straight down, and the tree was hardly moving at all. >>> the wind has greatly diminished. not having horizontal rain
governments. more federal help could be on the way for virginia residents. >> as we do our damage assessments, we will likely be applying for the full public assistance to reimburse the state for its public expenses and if we qualify individual disaster assistance for individuals who were not fully ensured or uninsured. >> crews are preparing to address the damage on chincoteague island and other parts of the eastern shore. >>> montgomery county fire and rescue teams pulled a kayak out this afternoon. we're told someone called 911 to report an injured kayaker in the creek. rescue units arrived and pulled the person from the water. that kayaker was treated at the scene and is said to be okay. the power outages now, the numbers, keep improving. in northern virginia, 60,000 dominion customers are still without, along with 9,000 novec customers. pepco has power back on to all but 7900 customers. 53,000 bg & e customers are without power. smeko has power to all but 150. >> today, national guard troops traveled around the city with d.c. mayor vincent gray to assess the damage. news4's tom sherwood
could joefr see the government's response to sandy. >>> you can expect more lines like this tonight in maryland, tomorrow as well. polling centers for early voting are open until 9:00 tonight. some voters say they waited for more than three hours yesterday to cast their ballots. early voting was postponed monday and tuesday because of sandy. governor martin o'malley extended voting through tomorrow and ordered polling centers to stay open three hours later. >>> in virginia, fairfax county is extending its in-person absentee voting hours. you can now vote from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night. your last day to submit an in-person absentee ballot is saturday. voting centers will be open from 8:00 until 5:00. you can fandind a list at >>> how president obama and mitt romney both made a little girl cry. >>> plus, stunning video of a double disaster. firefighters battling flames and hurricane sandy at the same time. >>> a cold start to your november and we're keeping track of trouble spots on the road. your weather and traffic next. anncr: it's said that charact
and colorado today. the president took a three-daybreak from campaigning to oversee the government's response to hurricane sandy. part of the presentation will focus on the effort to provide relief of those affected by the massive storm. >> the death toll is climbing four days after sandy made land fall. the storm claimed 75 lives. more than 4.5 million homes and businesses were without power along the east coast. most in the new york area and that area around new york city. president obama saw the damage on the jersey shore. during the tour, the president pledged support along the long haul. >> sandy brought flooding and now it's causing gridlock. this is the long back up of cars trying to get into the city this morning. drivers had to go through a police check point and prove they had three people in the car. it was encouraged to encourage car pooling. >>> closer to home, martin o'malley got a firsthand look at the impact of sandy on the eastern shore. he stopped in a bayside home yesterday. they toured flooded roads and houses. they looked at the damage to the town's water which is a hub f
of the government which could deport them, the government insists it won't use any information against any immigrant unless he or she poses a threat to national security or has a criminal history. >>> 5:35. hundreds of people both real and puppet are expected to gather tomorrow for the million puppet march here in washington. that's right. march is to show support for funding for public broadcasting. the organizer of the march says he was inspired after hearing mitt romney saying he wants to get rid of funding for groups, including pbs. it starts at 11:00 and goes to the reflecting pool, where there would be a rally. no word if elmo or grover or kermit will show up. >>> prince georges county lawmakers will replace a suspended maryland delegate. she won't be able to re-join the general assembly. charged with using campaign money to fund part of her wedding. she was completing community service, but a lawyer for the general assembly says she is permanently removed from office. >>> it is now 5:36. now to a news 4 exclusive. we're hearing from the woman brutally attacked inside her northeast washington
transportation service, limited cell phone svice is now a problem in sandy's wake. the federal government said power outages and flooding have forced more than 20% of cell tower sites to shut down in ten northeastern states. that's led to millions of dropped cell phone calls. new york and new jersey have the largest number of outages right now. mobile cell phone carriers, including sprint, verizon and at&t say they're working to restore service just as quickly as possible. >> while thousands of people try to figure out their next steps after this storm, stories of resilience and human kindness are also emerging. more on sandy, ruin and recovery, coming up tonight in a special edition of "rock center." that's at 10:00 here on nbc 4. >>> developing at this hour, the suspect in a series of stafford county pipe bombings is under arrest in montana. the stafford county sheriff's department said 25-year-old laurence stewart ii threw pipe bombs at police when they tried to pull him over today. stewart also had a handgun. but police eventually caught him after a foot chase. he's now facing multiple cha
government is closed. all nonessential employees should stay home. most major governments are also closed in maryland, virginia and d.c. metro shut down all rail and bus service for the first time since '03. mart also closed. amtrak service also shut down today. you can find a complete list of closings running at the bottom of your screen and online at >> all of this is in anticipation of hurricane sandy and what she will bring and really also to many places inland for hundreds of miles because this is such a monster storm. >> all right, let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kieran. >> sandy has taken the dreaded left-hand turn, i'm afraid. now it is beginning to take this left-hand turn and come closer. the radar, you can only see about 100 miles off, and the curvature of the earth allows us not to see any further than that. here's the latest track for sandy. we'll get an update here at 8:00. but it's probably not going to change much because we're getting a much better and closer view of what sandy may be doing when it comes ashore. it is narrowing, now,
a pimp and prostitute and went in and tried to get jobs or some kind of government form and they have a hidden camera. here's the lesson. there are cameras everywhere. >> right. >> this was clearly an attempt to try and embarrass the congressman, possibly the democratic party, to prove that it was voter fraud. and the reality is that maybe naively he just didn't say, look, man, get away from me. i don't want to hear it and walk away. and that's the lesson here. >> the campaign has called this an error in judgment. moran's campaign did. >> the smile you're on candid camera, you never thought that before -- wherever you go someone can do this. the moran campaign should have been -- >> you can walk out, somebody can approach you. you don't want to be -- push them 0 way. okay, let's have a conversation. all right. all right. but then what happens it's released, the news story is done, you have a controversy. >> finally, patrick moran is not on the ballot. tim moran is. >> can we talk briefly about the virginia senate race? it's as tight as a tick. "the richmond times dispatch" endorsed th
through early tomorrow morning. once again, if you don't have to be anywhere, government's shut down, schools are closed, you might not want to get out on the roadways. tomorrow afternoon, river rises once again and localized flooding. temperatures 44 to 47 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 20 to 30 miles an hour. we can't rule out a snowflake or two in parts of the area. the next couple of days, 54 degrees on your wednesday. 56 on thursday. right now, the weekend looking much better, and dry as we begin to clean up from sandy. >> all right. that looks much better. >> it does indeed. sandy and safety. how long food lasts after the power goes out. and what about your tap water? >> liz crenshaw is here with us to help keep us all out of the dark. >> we'll try to solve some of these problems. the big thing people worry about is how long will my food last. listen up. the usda reminds people to keep the doors of your fridge and your freezer closed. the refrigerator will keep food safely and cold for only about four hours. a full freezer, on the other hand, is going to hold the temper
.c., suburbs to the huge military presence around norfolk, a lot of government tax dollars flow into the state. but, like a loet of the nation, virginia has experienced huge ethnic shifts. a restaurant owner, an indian immigrant, will vote for obama. >> after this past monday's presidential debate i turned off the tv and i did not list en to anything. and then it became very clear, you know, that overall we are better off now than we were in 2008 at this time. >> one of the places that turned virginia from a solidly red state into what some call a purple state is henrico county with richmond at its center, where republicans used to call an easy win. that all changed in 2008. the question is, his that chang permanent? richmond has a lot of african-american and democratic leaning population. the suburbs mostly white and republican. >> in the polling we've seen that almost a third of voters are considering themselves independent. in some polls we actually see that there are more independent than democrats or republicans. >> places like it are a huge target of opportunity for the candidates. voter
's no school tomorrow, no government office open, no early voting. but hey, think twice before you try to take a cab anywhere. some of the city's 6,000 taxis were among the few cars on the road. the taxi commission has surprised customers by announcing each cab can impose a $15 emergency fee on top of any other fare. even some cab drivers didn't like that. >> they said you can charge $15 plus the fare. well, i try to be a little more conscientious being that we're all living in hard times. >> reporter: elsewhere around the district, the city was setting up five shelters like this one at emory recreation center on upper georgia avenue northwest. >> we have five recreation centers open in case your power or your heat goes off. and you can come here for safe haven. we'll be here for the long haul. >> reporter: all around town, people were stocking up for tonight's version of the storm. is that beer? >> yes. >> reporter: that's a craft beer? >> yes, from vermont. one of our favorites. >> reporter: you can't have a storm without a choice of beer. >> exactly. we went with the dry champagne on a wet
or tomorrow around middays, which they were planning to do anyway. right within govern markell's window of that evacuation. just to get people away from these coastal towns and get them to safety. we are expecting some bad rains coming in tonight, and the winds are picking up. it is going to be nast but the party's going to go on. i'm told people have to get out of here. reporting from rehoboth, back to you. >>> sandy is not taking people by surprise. we've been tracking it for days and the good news, people are preping. news 4 jackie bensen is live in fairfax where essentials like batteries and water is coming off the shelves fast. jackie? >> reporter: hello, chris. well, people are trying to walk a fine line between preparation and panic, and if you've lived in this area for any amount of time i don't need to tell you which side is winning. at twins ace hardway on main street and fairfax you can tell what people need by looking at the empty spaces on the shelves rnts pandemonium all day today and yesterday. from the moment we opened our doors yesterday, everybody is getting everything
the federal government which is closed today to all nonessential personnel. a number of students have the day off of school in virginia, arlington, fair tax, falls church city. also manassas city, manassas park, spotsylvania and stafford county schools. >> in maryland, prince george's and howard county schools as are anne arundel, charles, and frederick counties. d.c. public schools also closed. you can find a complete list of closures at the bottom of your screen and >>> you won't be able to take metro trains or buses again this morning. service is suspended at least until this afternoon. crews will use the morning to inspect theridges and tracks for any damage and make sure there's enough power to run the system. then metro will decide when to reopen. marc, vre and amtrak service also suspended today. and flights out of dulles and reagan national airports are cancelled until further notice. >> time for weather and traffic on the ones this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here keeping an eye on what we're dealing with this morning. not crazy like it was y
obama on a couple of occasions yesterday. he's offered his help. what's the federal government's response been like so far? >> federal government's response has been great. i was on the phone at midnight again last night with the president personally. he has expedited the designation of new jersey as a major disaster area. i was on the phone with fema at 2:00 a.m. this morning to answer the questions they needed answers to get that designation, and the president has been outstanding in this, and so the folks of fema, craig fugate and his folks have been excellent >> i know you took exception with the handling of this situation by the mayor of atlantic city, lorenzo langford. you were very upset that he didn't evacuate that city or all of that city and instead offered some people shelter in some city shelters, and you said that he was a rogue mayor and said, quote, i don't have a feud with the guy, but i wish he would do his job. a little time has passed between those comments and right now, the emotional level has come down. do you still feel that way? >> listen, the fact of th
you are in the northeast, governor romney is questioning the federal government's role in disaster relief, last year during a republican primary debate, he argued the state, even the private sector should take the lead in terms of delivering aid. today, romney put out a written statement reaffirming the belief, also vowing that fema would have the resources it needs. one more note, there are polls out and both campaigns say they are in the lead right now. the new polls, the president is clinging to a tight lead in the crucial battlegrounds of ohio, florida, and virginia. >> all right, peter alexander in florida tonight. of course, it was all we were talking about until this storm that stretched over darn near half the country. our political director, chief white house correspondent chuck todd traveled with the president today in the skies over new jersey. back in atlanta tonight. and chuck it is a fair question on how everybody is going to get to vote. you take the polling close to our place here, there is sand in the streets. i can't imagine they will be ready with power back on.
to the crisis in syria where a muslim holiday cease-fire deal appears to be over after just a day. government forces launched air strikes around damascus today, flattening buildings. rebel forces responded with bomb blasts of their own. at least 16 people died in back and forth attacks. >>> a lot more to tell you about on this saturday night as we continue on "nightly news." what did they know and when did they know it? a new twist in the deadly meningitis outbreak. >>> later, lady liberty like we haven't seen her before. l if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and best in class 38 mpg highway... advanced headlights... and zero gravity seats? yeah, that would be cool. ♪ introducing the completely reimagined nissan altima. it's our most innovative altima ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe t
. the federal government and local jurisdictions are back up this morning, as are most public schools in the area. there are some exceptions to that, though. in virginia manassas park city schools are closed. there are two-hour delays in culpeper, frederick, fauquier, and shenandoah counties. buses are using emergency routes in shenandoah. loudoun county has a one hour delay. frederick county schools in maryland on a two-hour delay. and in west virginia pendleton county schools are closed. berkeley, hampshire and jefferson counties are on delay. and there are schools in d.c. that are still without power. most schools plan to announce between 5:00 and 6:00 this morning whether they'll be able to open. >> 4:31. chilly start to your day, but no more rain falling, at least for now. let's check in with tom kierein to see if we're going to get wet weather. >> more importantly, can kids go trick or treating? >> i'm glad you asked. >>> right now we have just a few sprinkles to our north and west. storm team 4 radar showing that. those areas in green just a few sprinkles. still getting a few s
to say this is why we need to force government spending cuts and people are reassessing that and realize the damage that it does become, even on wall street becoming more skeptical of what a romney president would mean for growth and the federal reserve. chris: katty. >> i think if you -- if it comes down to ohio, and my hunch is that obama, look at joe's poll, obama is still looking fairly strong in ohio. i guess if you had to put your savings somewhere you would probably say -- chris: so an electoral victory but a popular vote loss. >> my head says the seam thing but my gut is saying what i started this segment with. beats me. i mean, really. romney had to pass a major test. and he passed it. chris: in the first debate. >> in the first debate. these debates are about one thing and one thing only. whether or not you want to have this guy in your house for the next four years. chris: once he's in the house, hard to get him out. >> i agree. i agree with this completely. >> that obama spent the entire summer trying to con -- convince people you don't want this guy in your house and romney
down. >> everything is closed down. that includes the federal government. nonessential employees, stay home today. schools closed in maryland, virginia, as well as d.c. metro trains and buses are shut down for the first time since 2003. marc, vre, also all closed today. and amtrak service in the northeast corridor shut down today as well. >> most of the students in our area are also getting the day off today. all major public school systems in d.c., maryland, and virginia are closed this morning as well as all private schools in the area. you can find a complete list of school and business closings running at the bottom of your screen as well as online at >> let's get to storm team meteorologist tom kierein here. what's the latest? >>> we've got moderate to heavy rain about to move into the metro area. be prepared for that. stay inside. stay with us at nbc 4. we'll keep you fully informed. it is still a huge hurricane. taking a turn to the north. all day yesterday it was moving northeast. now taking a turn to the north. it is swinging in heavy rains into the eastern
the government agencies, we should have one secretary of business, instead of nine different departments. >> we don't need the secretary of business to understand business. we need a president who understands business. and i do. >> reporter: this afternoon in richmond, mr. romney called on supporters to give to the red cross but was interrupted by protesters. >> that is what caused this monster storm. >> reporter: at the center of the response to the storm, new york city's mayor michael bloomberg said that climate change contributed to the storm, and endorsed mr. obama as the best candidate to tackle the climate change, saying he could still inspire the hope he did four years ago, despite what mr. bloomberg called a disappointing term. and brian there is still one significant event, tomorrow, the last monthly unemployment report, before the election election. >> peter alexander, in virginia, th >> peter alexander, in virginia, thank you. >>> let's get an update on the other side of this, our chief political correspondent, chuck todd, so nice to see everybody getting along, as always. what does
people here were crying for help on live tv, feeling all but ignored by local and federal governments. this morning, all of that changed. >> once you get the water and things, get it to this table. >> reporter: today, a welcome flood of relief as national guard, fema, red cross and other agencies set up camp, bringing much-needed supplies to this hard-hit working class community. >> thank you, fema. >> reporter: 24 hours after this desperate plea on live television. >> but you need to come here and help us, we need assistance. please. >> reporter: there is now hope. >> there is a renewed hope and spirit, and that is what they needed. >> reporter: families crowded around the tables to pick up canned food and ready to eat meals, with more than 100 lining up for dry ice, others bringing clothing for their neighbors. temperatures are dropping tonight and parents here are worried about their children. the homeland security chief and fema officials today oversaw the relief effort. >> folks are going to be going door-to-door in these communities and making sure that nobody is left out. >> re
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with a knife. the government has pledged a crackdown on violence since the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya last month. >>> president obama put his campaign on hold today to tour areas of the new jersey coast ravaged by hurricane sandy. but the race to the white house rolls on. >> right now, republican candidate mitt romney is courting voters in florida. steve handlesman with our report now. >> reporter: president obama set out to survey hurricane damage in new jersey, six days before the election, still no campaign. mitt romney campaigned in tampa, sympathizing with the victims of sandy. >> the kind of trauma you experienced here in florida more than once. and it's interesting to see how people come together. >> reporter: he pivoted to the election. >> people coming together is also what's going to happen i believe on november 7. >> reporter: the race in florida is closer, 48% to 47%. but in ohio, it's still a five-point obama advantage in the most important state. and in new jersey, the president got a boost that could help him in all the swing states. more praise for his storm r
of the day and tomorrow to oversee the government's response to the storm. he says he's more concerned about sandy's impact than next week's election. meanwhile, romney is also scrapping his campaign plans for today. the nominee and running meat will hold storm relief events instead. romney will be campaigning in virginia on thursday. the campaign says romney will make three stops in the commonwealth. he will not make any stops in northern virginia. >> you'll probably have to wait until tomorrow if you planned on voting early today. >> martin o'malley ordered all to be closed for a second day due to sandy. he's ordered it through november 2nd to make up for the missed days. the d.c. board of elections postponed itd for today as well and fairfax county canceled early absentee voting, too. >> 11:34 now. this is live team coverage of sandy's impact. we'll have more after the break. >> reporter: high tides came and went. the fears of rising water. details coming up on news 4. >>> now, we are learning more about the impact sandy is having on the d.c. area. the storm is blamed for at least two dea
to continue to work. state government is here. we're coordinating with fema and i want to thank you, mr. fewgate for being here. and we will move on from here. what i said yesterday i really mean. there's got to be sorrow, and you see that and the president has seen that today in the faces of a lot of the folks he's met. that sorrow is appropriate. we've suffered some loss. luckily, we haven't suffered that much loss of life, and we thank god for that. but this is the worst form that i've seen in my lifetime in the state. but we cannot permit that sorrow to replace the resilience that i know all the people of new jersey have. so we'll get up and rebuild and put things back together because that's what this state is about. i met a bunch of you today who disregarded my admonition to get the hell out of here, you are forgiven this time. you look to your right or left to your husband or wife, son or daughter, those are the things that can't be replaced. so i want to thank you for being here today, and it's my honor to introduce to you all the president of the united states. [ applause ] >>
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